DENT MASTER is the company from the United States which offers a sophisticated and innovative service of repairing slight damages in vehicles (hits, bumps, dents, bangs of doors, among others), guaranteeing savings up to 70% in expenses for repairing and sheet metal, fulfilled in less than an hour, neither dismounting doors nor front fenders. Its service is supported on the most advanced system in the World: Paintless Dent Removal (PDR), which consists of the “friction and rubbing of the metal in the internal side of the metal plate, until recovering its original shape without damaging the painting”.

PDR process was invented more than 25 years ago in the United States. This innovative system used by DENT MASTER is under permanent update, research, development of new technologies and tools, being always in the vanguard of the market.


Dent Master is a company that operates through the system “PDR” (Paintless Dent Removal), which was invented in the United States, offering a service of repairing slight damages in vehicles such as hits and dents caused by hailstones, bumps, dents, bangs of doors, among others. The procedure is carried out by an experienced technician, using titanium and stainless steel tools, who goes through the panels of the vehicle and removes the dents with friction and rubbing, in an accurate way.